Friday, July 10, 2009

Lydia's Biography

Lydia Clar is an internationally known psychic medium, counselor, educator and author. As a child, Lydia repressed her abilities – like so many children do when they realize they are “different”. When her mother took her to a psychic at age 18, it awakened Lydia’s need to connect. But it was a trip to Europe, where she met with famed British psychic Ena Twigg and visited The College of Psychic Studies in London that changed her life. She came back to New York and attended training sessions in psychic development, psychometry, numerology, tarot, yoga, etc. with various teachers of the Inner Vision School. In addition to frequent appearances on television and radio programs, Lydia has worked as a professional psychic counselor for 35 years, with special focus on recognizing and encouraging psychic talents in others. She is responsible for setting John Edward on his own metaphysical path. Lydia devotes much of her time to teaching psychic awareness and spiritual development through classes and workshops. She believes that no one can, or should, tell another person what to do with their life. It is, however, helpful if a person can be given a broader perspective on which to base a decision.

Recently she published a book, Out of Darkness Into Light, outlining her own spiritual journey into the spirit world. This book can be purchased through, Barnes & Nobel and many other local bookstores.