Wednesday, July 15, 2009



Use of your own talents gives you a better understanding of the individuals who surround you. In knowing yourself and recognizing your own talents, you learn to recognize and accept your neighbor’s.

Conversely, sharing one’s talent and gaining a perspective from the responses of others, is what we use to judge our own success. These responses become part our life experience and can be used as one’s talent is practiced, applied and most importantly tested.

Talent sets standards and opens the mind to new possibilities by demonstrating that there are no boundaries to the attainable which is determined only by the human imagination. In the final analysis, it is important to provide examples for those who do not believe they have a talent, a natural ability, or for those who have to work doubly hard to perform well. Remember, a talent shared is an inspiration to all.

Today we pay homage to talent in many ways. We give Nobels, Oscars, Tonys, Grammys, Pulitzers and countless others. This endless process, however, has had the effect of clouding the public’s view of talent and achievement by focusing on personal gain and glory. Today, those in the limelight are beginning to see the reasons for sharing their talents which lies in the using and sharing these gifts with those less fortunate than we are and for preserving our planet. The world would be a sadder and more ignorant place if the great scientific and artistic minds had not shared the products of their talents. It’s now this generation’s turn to do good for others on a large or small scale whatever is possible.

I believe each individual with a talent, regardless of what it is, has the responsibility to share that talent on whatever level and spread it where it can make a difference. In our personal lives, worth can be measured only by answering two questions:

1) Did we develop our talent to the utmost?
2) Was our talent shared with others?