Sunday, July 12, 2009


Before I go further it is necessary to understand that all people and objects give off  energy (like an aura). While auras are not the subject under discussion, it is necessary to explain that this energy is held together by an electro-magnetic field force. This force also gives off signals which can reflect the mental or physical state of the individual or the object being used in the reading.

How To Develop
To be a successful psychometrist, one must develop a delicate sense of touch so as to be able to distinguish between various vibrations and sensations resulting from the impressions being transmitted by the item.
1) The best way to do this is PRACTICE
a) Get a number of small articles
b) Handle these items a couple of times a week
c) Go into a meditative state holding the article
d) Learn the items by heart, close your eyes and experience the sensations or vibrations being given off by the item.

For example, a piece of gold ore may have come from a specific country or place. You may start seeing that source. A piece of cloth, if imported, may also give off its source.
Bear in mind that many textile workers or tradesmen, when buying a particular cloth or fabric, w ill take a piece between their fingers and rub it…..they can tell the quality of the merchandise by what they are feeling with the tips of their fingers -- PSYCHOMETRY.

1)  Professionals such as surgeons, watchmakers, engravers, artists, hairdressers all have a highly developed sense of touch. Most, however, take it for granted never realizing how highly developed their sense of touch is.

Blind people are a prime example of how psychometry works. Their sense of touch is so highly developed. The sightless can get an impression of a person by touching his or her face. They get impressions of objects or equipment by feeling them. This force lives with and within them. Ray Charles, Jose Feliciano, Stevie Wonder – have become famous despite blindness. But, for every one of these celebrities there are thousands of other sightless people who not only function but achieve comparable success in lesser known fields.

2) Once you learn to analyze your feelings with regard to the different objects, you begin to learn the reason for the feeling and not the effect. Almost anything can be psychometrized. If you fail to receive any influences you must persevere.

3) If you cannot feel any vibration in your hand, you must put the object close to the center of your forehead and concentrate for a few minutes. You will soon be able to perceive various influences.
It is best to take particular notice of anything you do not understand. Study it very carefully and compare it with other influences. Focus on the unusual. The key most probably lies in the relationship of the new feeling to a more familiar one. For instance, if you are holding an item that belonged to someone who has passed on, it’s very possible to get a mental image of the person who wore it or is being read.

4) You should set aside a special time and the sitting should last about one hour. Be very quiet, grasp any article in a gentle manner and let the sensations travel to your brain via your nervous system.
Rule #1 Always give out your first impression. It will generally be correct.
Rule #2 You must speak out and not be afraid of any influence. The more you tell, the more successful you become at it.
Rule #3 Don not keep anything back – give it as you see or sense it. Mention any influences you perceive, whether you feel it will hurt the sitter’s feelings or not. You don’t have to be rude, just honest. In doing so, you may be able to alert the person of a calamity or of an opportunity.