Sunday, July 12, 2009


Because of today’s accelerated lifestyle, higher medical bills and skyrocketing cost of medical insurance coverage, it seems logical to search for different solutions. We are becoming more interested in the available alternative methods. (some are free of charge, as in meditation.)

1) I will use Meditation as the first example. It has been proven that meditating lowers blood pressure and eliminates stress. Stop and consider what happens when you meditate. Your mind becomes still – hence your body becomes very still and the heart rate lowers. The lowering of your heart rate allows your body to relax, which in turn helps to control stress. This relaxation and stress control allows your body to use its own regenerative powers to restore itself. You can do this on your own, in your own home or join a group.

Many hospitals are finally putting together programs of self help to cure diseases. South Miami Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Program lets you challenge your disease. For the moment, let’s take the word the word “DIS-EASE” which describes a situation that is not at ease. Stated another way, it is something which is not flowing smoothly (or healthy). Therefore, in associating it to the body, “DIS-EASE” means a body out of sync, not operating properly – which in turn causes the illness and generally attacks the weakest point in the body.
On October 19, 1994 South Miami Hospital’s Education Center staff held a meeting which was open to the public “TAKE COMMAND OF YOUR DISEASE,” was the slogan which advertised this conference. They continued the ad by promoting their Behavioral Medicine Program in the following manner:

“If you have a chronic disease or if you provide care for someone who does, you are probably aware of the powerful link between mind and body. Through a wide variety of therapies, South Miami Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Program can help you challenge your disease.
Now you can experience the power of these therapies first hand – at no charge. Our staff psychotherapists will show how some of these therapies can help you battle diseases such as cancer or heart disease. Besides learning about individual and group sessions, you can participate in small group demonstrations of art therapy, movement therapy, expressive writing, massage and yoga, if you choose.”

This is a prime example of holistic healing – a healing of the mind, body and spirit at one time.
Centers for new age therapies are springing up all over. These centers focus on healing through meditation by focusing through to the various centers (or organs) within the body and willing the body to regenerate and heal itself by forming a picture in the mind of a perfectly healthy organ or person. Some centers offer professional psychologists, doctors, nurses, acupuncturists and aromatologists to name a few who offer their services in all kinds of healing techniques; oriental Chinese medicine and herbalists, yoga, acupuncture, reike, step aerobics, etc. Today, Duke University offers degrees in Alternative Medicine.

2) Homeopathy comes from the Greek words “homeo” meaning similar and “pathos” meaning disease or suffering. Homeopathy is a natural medical science that offers unique advantages. It treats illness by the stimulation of the body’s own healing response. The medicines are prepared from natural substances and the low dosage guarantees absence of toxicity and side effect. Individuals are involved as a whole. Symptoms and signs from the body, mind and spirit are regarded when deciding on which medicine to choose. Therefore, homeopathy provides an individually prescribed treatment for the patient.

3) Acupuncture is another form of ancient healing (approximately 4,000 years old) which is becoming more and more available and popular today. Acupuncture originated in the Far East and has been in constant use for centuries. Western medicine has started using the method within the last 15 years or so. Some medical plans are now reimbursing patients for use of acupuncture therapy. The procedure is not painful and very effective. It consists of placing hair-thin wire needles on pressure points. When the wires are removed, the pressure is removed and the area restores itself.
I once took a fall on ice which had accumulated after a very heavy snow storm. As a result of the fall I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and two bulging disks which in turn affected the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back all the way down the leg. I was hospitalized for a month and none of the conventional medical treatments worked. Finally out of desperation, I went to a doctor who specialized in sports medicine and acupuncture. He had learned the procedure from a Chinese doctor in Taiwan. At that point, I practically crawled into his office, but I was willing to try anything. On the first visit and after the first treatment, I walked out under my own steam. Although I still had pain, I felt as if a miracle had occurred. I have read that in some countries it is used in place of anesthesia in performing surgery. Acupuncture leaves no side effects like traditional anesthesia does.

4) Magnets In the September 21, 1991 issue of the WALL STREET JOURNAL, a Pennsylvania company claimed that their magnetic device would provide miraculous results if a magnet was clamped on to a strategic spot like the water pipes of a house (to produce softer, magnetized water), or the fuel line of a car in order to get higher gas mileage, and yet again to a bottle of wine in order to improve the taste. The gist of this article was that the company was being sued by the Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin to stop the company from doing business in their state, until it could prove its advertising claims.

Today magnetic products or magnetic “wellness” products are being sold widely. What are they and what do they do? Again, magnets have been used for centuries and research about magnetic healing is available from libraries and other sources worldwide. No one can guarantee the successful use of magnets in healing or controlling pain, however, we can judge by the tremendous results and success stories covering many types of applications.

Magnets energize the body’s systems and promote a general feeling of wellness. Since we have a great deal of iron and other metals in our bloodstream and since magnets can draw this iron, the placing of a magnet or magnetic product to the affected area, increases circulation of the blood to the area. Energizing it and making it feel well. The products have to be used for a time. Some people report results sooner than others. They are non-toxic and non-invasive and can generally be used by anyone.
Today, we are beginning to rely more and more on older, non-traditional forms of healing – from holistic healing to natural herbs (homeopathic medicine readily available today in drug stores – side by side to prescription drug therapies), meditation, acupuncture, reiki and magnetic wellness products.

These remedies were used widely in the past and seem to be resurrected into the present.
As our world comes full circle, we need to examine our lives and visualize a way to heal ourselves and our world. We need to heal our planet and all the people who inhabit it. If we learn to tune in and flow with the magnetic energy that flows around us, we can learn to live in harmony and establish peace.